Sent pigs you bought on the market to your HIVE address by transferring it from the ETH that is connected to your HIVE account to the following ETH address:

{{ ethereum_address }}

Send your pig to Ethereum to sell it on the OpenSea marketplace

Detailed Description

We use OpenSea on Ethereum, which is the biggest marketplace for games in the blockchain space.

When selling your piggies we will convert them into an Ethereum token and then you can store it in an Ethereum address, send it to another address or sell it on OpenSea. Of course you can also buy a pig and send it back to your HIVE account to play with it or send it to some other account on HIVE.

First we need to connect your HIVE account with the ethereum address.

To do so, simply add the ethereum address (the public address not the private key) to your settings. Make sure you have full control over this address such as being able to sign transactions with it. If you cannot sign transactions your pigs will get stuck and you won’t be able to send it back or sell it.

Sending to Ethereum

You can simply transfer your pig(s) to your ethereum address by clicking the sell button.

You can then see your pigs in opensea once you connected with your wallet that controls the address.

You can then sell or offer it via auction.

If you want to send it back to HIVE you can simply gift it to the following ETH address:

{{ ethereum_address }}

This will destroy the Ethereum token and sent the pig back to your HIVE account (the one that is attached to the ethereum address that you sent it from)