Piggericks How to play

Get some Pigs

The easiest way to get pigs is to go to the shop and purchase a package. Package contains differnt items such as regular pigs,bonus pigs and grunts (VIP points).

Regular Pigs

When you purchase a regular pig you are not entirely sure what attributes will be like, the nose of your pig may be small or large, you just don’t know. The same is true for all other attributes as well.

Bonus Pigs

Bonus Pigs are piggies you normally get as a - you guessed it - Bonus. They work like regular pigs so when you get them they may be born with any kind of attribute value. One bonus can be used in games and as such they work just like a regular pig. There are however two key differences: Bonus Pigs cannot be transferred or sold and they expire if not being played. In essence they come with some conditions that keep them alive.You can find out exactly what you need to do, by clicking on the “Bonus Ribbon”.

You can also get pigs in the marketplace which is described here:

The Game

Goal of the Game:

You will use two pigs at a time and toss them into the air until you reach the target goal of the game. Whoever hits the target first wins and gets the spoils.

Toss or Bank:

Every time it is your turn you have two choices:


The advantage of tossing is you get to make more points and increase the score of your round. However, if you score a pig-out the entire score of your round is wiped out in addition to losing your turn.

The score you get for each toss depends on the experience of your pigs times the multiplier on how your pigs land. The multipliers work as follows:

Multiplier Description Image


Pig Out: If one Pig falls on its right belly and the other on its left belly


Sider: If they both fall on the same side of their belly


Razorback: One pig on its back and other on its side


Trotter: One on its feet the other on the belly


Combo: These are usually combinations that involve a Snout of some sort


Super Combo: There are a few combinations that are worth a special 15 multiplier. Fairly rare as combinations of Snouts with Razorback or Trotter, or Jouler with a Belly


Double trotter: both pig land on their four feet


Double Razorback: both pigs land on their back


Mega Combo: This is one of the harder combos with involving a Jouler and something else special such as Trotter or Razorback


Super Mega Combo: The hardest combination to get without a Double is a Jouler and Snouter.


Double snouter: A double snouter is the second-highest score possible and extremely hard to get


Piggericks: The best thing you can have!


Since the pigs tend to fall on their belly the most often, a Pig Out is not that unlikely. As a result it becomes prudent to bank the score of your turn at a certain point and continue in the next round, even if that gives your opponent a chance to score.

Selecting a Pig:

Pigs have attributes which alter their performance with impact on the outcome:

Health: In some games it is possible that your pig can when you lose a game. High health bars make it less likely that you Pig gets a heart attack.

Loyalty: Your pigs really don’t like to lose and sometimes run away after a loss right into the piggery of the winner. More loyal pigs do this less often.

Symmetry: Since you like to prevent a Pig Out as much as you can it is helpful to know which belly of your pig is bigger so you can pair pigs where the Pig Out happens less often.

Appearance: is the sum of various form attributes that leads to better performance. Pigs that score high in this category may actually not be so pretty. Below are the attributes described in detail that make up the appearance aggregator.

Experience: Your experience grows when you play games until your pig reaches the next level. At that point you can upgrade it as well, which means its properties can improve. The level of improvement depends on how many games it has won.

Skill: is an aggregate of all the attributes combined.

Below are the Appearance attributes:

Left Belly: Since falling on bellies is not good for scores a high bar means a smaller belly.

Right Belly: Same deal for the right belly, bigger bars mean less chance to fall on this side

Razorback: is the size of the back of the pig, a bigger bar means it is more likely to fall on it.

Feet: If the underside of the Pig is larger, the chance to land on its feet is higher, which is good

Snout: Landing on the snout is rare, but more likely with a big nose

Ears: Very hard to do, yet pigs with big ears can fall on them every so often

Here are all the attributes as well as the best and worst values. A full bar always represents the best value and empty bar the worst. The Percentages indicate how likely an event is to occur, the bars indicate how good the attribute is relative:

Position Worst Performer Best Performer

Left Belly



Right Belly





















Select your Pigs:

Now that you know how the attributes work, select a list of pigs and press the brown play button and you will be guided to a selection of games:

Playing the game:

The game is simple, it goes in turns until the target is reached and a winner is declared. Every player has a choice to make, keep going and increase the score, but risk to lose whatever has been achieved in the current round or bank and give your opponent the chance to win.