Piggericks is a game played with piggies.

Collect pigs with the best attributes in your piggery and get rewards for skillful use of piggies in games with other players.

Pigs gain experience when they win. More experience leads to higher levels. More wins leads to better attributes.

Buy Pigs in the store

You can buy packages of pigs in the store.

Pigs have differnet attributes that may be more or less useful in your battles

There are 8 different experience levels. But you can only buy packages for levels 1-6.

If you buy packages in the store they may come with extra perks like grunts and bonus pigs.

Buy and Sell Pigs in the open market

You can also buy or sell pigs in the open market.

Are you looking for a pig with a specific attribute? Look for it in the market place. Or maybe you want to get rid of some of your collection or simply capaitalize your winning spoils. All this is possible in the open marketplace.


play the game

The game is played after you have selected 2 to 5 pigs of the same level and joined the game queue. You will than be matched with 2-5 other players and play for the glory and rewards. Players go in turns tossing their pigs. The score for each throw depends on how they fall. The goal is to reach the target score. But be careful not to lose your score with a Pig-Out.

After every throw you have a decision to make: keep going or bank your points. When you bank or have a Pig-Out it is the next players turn. This happens until the target score is reached by the winner.

Winning is awesome and fun.

Better yet, it comes with spoils. Your pigs are very happy when they win and gain experience.

More experience ultimatly leads to a higher level. When pigs upgrade they tend to improve their attributes. Somehow the more matches a pigs wins the better the attribuites become. If you are lucky and have convinced you opponents pigs of your winning prowess, they sometimes jump ship into your piggery.


don't lose

Piggies have weak hearts and really don't like to lose. Sometimes they run away and cling to the winner hoping to avoid such shameful experiences in the future. Some times pigs can't handle the stress and get a heart attack. Luckily this happens very rarely.

Most often nothing bad happens, but it sure will be better to be on the winning side!


Grunts are the rewards you get for playing the game and buying things in the shop. They accumulate automatically.

You can use Grunts in the shop to pay for special items.